Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"A fallen leaf is nothing more...

...than a summers wave goodbye." And that folks, is almost exactly how I feel about it! I truly do enjoy and love the autumn colors and all the festivities that come with harvest time and Halloween, and its my favorite time of the year to snap pictures. The warm orange and red glow of early evening sun and the colorful leaves. BUT....my body hates cold weather, I'm pretty sure I've inherited the family peripheral vascular disease. Once the temp drops below an average of 70 or so, I'm cold....really cold, in need of heavy socks 24/7 and several layers of clothing until summer returns again. My cold hands once shocked a patient out of an arrhythmia when I touched her chest....no joke. They get THAT cold. So here we go again, fall is here, all to soon to be followed by winter.

This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL....and we were on vacation....staying in cottages on a lake and it couldn't have been better (except if we could have stayed longer). The kids (hubby included) asked if we could live there. We were in Maple City, not too far from Traverse City kind of in the "pinky" of Michigan. (For all those non-Michiganders reading...hold out your left hand, palm facing away...and there you have a map of MI, nifty huh??) I know I've posted about this place before too. It was actually warm enough for the kids to go swimming. That is almost unheard of up there this time of year. We try to make it a yearly trip. I've been going to the same place for the last 30+ years, as my parents are friends with the owners and took us as kids. Its so wild to see my own kids in the same beds, trees, boats, etc... that I grew up enjoying.

I will finally make my first actual photo posts to my NEW Photo-BLOG I've been slacking. I'm not sure I will be able to keep up with both, but I wanted a place that was a little more dedicated to photography. So I'm thinking I'll post snapshots here and my slightly more serious photography there.

This is KJ *after* I'd just taken him out of his suit and got him dressed. He decided to fall off the dock. Good thing its shallow. I love the facial expression I caught. I'm sure he was thinking "Why aren't you drying me off mom?"

This one is trippy but kinda cool. I like how it turned out.

Kaedon taking what is probably his last Sink-bath!

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Kristin said...

I agree. October is my very favorite month..but I hate that winter has to follow it.

I'm excited about your photoblog. I've been thinking of doing the same!